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    Essential Beauty Products

    Whether you are looking for a moisturizer that decreases redness or gives your skin a natural glow this is the moisturizer to use: Darphin Moisturizer. This is one of my favorite makeup products and I personally use the beauty blender to have a smoother application of my makeup foundation: Beauty Blender. I have always been looking for a lip liner that makes my lips stand out more and this lip liner definitely does the job: Huda Beauty Lip Contour Set.

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    My Top 3 Favorite TV Shows On Replay

    Lately, I haven’t been able to get enough of these three tv shows. I usually watch my tv shows on amazon.com which has an excellent streaming service for playing your favorite TV shows online. Today’s picks are My Wife & Kids, Modern Family, and Jane The Virgin. Comment below on your thoughts about each TV show.

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    Stand Up For Yourself And Others

    Do you ever feel like you are being put down or see someone being bullied? Well there is a solution to that. People have to start speaking up for themselves and they cannot allow other people to take advantage of them. When you see someone doing something wrong call them out on it and do not just be a bystander because in the long-run you will regret not intervening. No one in this world of ours deserves to feel excluded or unwelcome. We all have our differences and everyone needs to learn how to accept other people for who they actually are. So when you see someone having a difficult…

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    A high self-esteem is essential to living a healthy and happy life. One way to increase your self-esteem is to practice taking care of yourself and to wake up everyday saying to yourself I am worth it regardless of your flaws or imperfections. Improving your self-esteem requires being able to recognize your strengths and weaknesses while at the same time having the ability to improve your weaknesses. Positive self-talk is a resource that can prevent you from having an unrealistic self image and can motivate you to accomplish a goal that you are currently working towards. In addition having the ability to forgive and not comparing yourself to others can…

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    Katherine Webb Blake Lively Gigi Hadid Angelina Jolie Hey guys, lately I have been trying to think of new creative ways to style my hair and I have already been eager to try these trendy and chic hairstyles. Most of the time when I am in a rush to class or have to make it to an appointment on time my go-to hairstyle is the top bun or classic bun. I have yet to try the half up half down bun hairstyle but it is definitely on my checklist. Usually when I want to keep my hair down and be dressed formally at the same time I take only the…

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    Top 5 Songs On My Playlist

    Say Love – James TW Say It To My Face – Madison Beer Drowning – A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie (feat. Kodak Black) Flames – David Guetta & Sia Muévelo Loca Boom Boom – Pitbull Take a Listen and tell me what you think in the comments section below!

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    After I finished my first year of college I learned that you need to have a positive mindset to succeed because if you do not believe in yourself then you cannot necessarily accomplish your goals. Every time I would wake up from my bed I would think to myself “what am I thankful for?” and “what do I want to accomplish today?” These two questions basically put my priorities in check and motivated me to get up from bed every morning. I actually started to reflect on what things I am good at and what things I need to improve on. Also I would think to myself that every day…

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    Beach Days

    Click here to order Even though the weather has not been quite pleasant for the last few days, I am still longing for those long summer days. This adorable sunhat has been on my wishlist for quite a while now and I have been obsessed. Hopefully, I can snag one as soon as summer ACTUALLY starts rolling in. Both these hats look so trendy and chic while creating a bold fashion statement. Which one of these sun hats is your favorite? Comment below.

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    Girls Night Out

       Need a fun and romantic movie to watch with your besties? Both of the Bad Moms movies are about the crazy adventures of moms who do too much for their kids and fail to leave enough time for themselves. When I was watching both these movies with my college friends there was not a moment where we were not laughing. We could all relate to how our own moms shared the same traits as the “bad moms” in the movie. Also my friends and I loved how the moms in each movie did a perfect job at imitating a mom who is overwhelmed and is constantly rushing to make…

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    Get Out And Work Out

    Do you ever feel like you need a pick me up? Going to the gym puts me in a better mood and is actually an opportunity for me to get out of the house! Sometimes you just need an energy boost for a long day coming up ahead of you. As we all know “being fit” is very important in our daily lives in addition to maintaining a healthy diet. Feeling lazy is not always productive and sometimes leads to a negative mindset. To prevent this from happening I commit to going to the gym at least 3 times a week. Doing so has overall been able to improve my…