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Hey guys, lately I have been trying to think of new creative ways to style my hair and I have already been eager to try these trendy and chic hairstyles. Most of the time when I am in a rush to class or have to make it to an appointment on time my go-to hairstyle is the top bun or classic bun. I have yet to try the half up half down bun hairstyle but it is definitely on my checklist. Usually when I want to keep my hair down and be dressed formally at the same time I take only the top layer of my hair and clip it away. This specific hairstyle keeps the hair away from my face and allows some of my hair to be left untied at the same time. Lastly, when I am not feeling so energetic and tidy I resort to braiding my hair because it is just so simple to do when I am feeling lazy. Comment what your favorite hairstyle is below!