Outfit Of The Day

Hey guys! happy July, I know a lot has been going on lately with the coronavirus but I just wanted to share with you guys the outfit I am wearing today! When I found this t-shirt in TJ Maxx (what a score!) I was skeptical about purchasing it but then I grabbed it to try it on but really liked the material and how soft it was. The jeans are from Joes Jeans and they are so comfortable, they are skinny jeans that don’t hug your waist too tight. Today I decided to pair this shirt with jeans and flip flops but it can easily be paired with shorts and sneakers.

It is clear that the coronavirus has really taken a toll on so many people with some people even losing their jobs but I have hope that our country will recover. The cases in Massachusetts have decreased which is good news and I hope the cases do not increase as time goes on. Fortunately, gyms and restaurants in Massachusetts are already open so that is a start. Hopefully, this time in our lives will pass and always remember to stay safe!