After I finished my first year of college I learned that you need to have a positive mindset to succeed because if you do not believe in yourself then you cannot necessarily accomplish your goals. Every time I would wake up from my bed I would think to myself “what am I thankful for?” and “what do I want to accomplish today?” These two questions basically put my priorities in check and motivated me to get up from bed every morning. I actually started to reflect on what things I am good at and what things I need to improve on. Also I would think to myself that every day is a new day and that there is a fresh start today. In addition, this tactic taught me how to look at the pros instead of the cons in an unfavorable situation. A major lesson that I learned was that significant improvement does not happen overnight. Each day you have to take small steps to be able to achieve whatever ultimate goal you have in mind. When you get knocked down you have to immediately stand back up on your own two feet despite the ups and downs in your life, just keep moving along!