The Grand Cayman

Since I have been in school, I have always wanted to get away from the cold weather because I am a true Bostonian. A trip to the Grand Cayman Islands already sounded like a marvelous idea. The ocean and the view from the island were both beautiful. There was so much time to relax on the beach and get a sun tan. I have to say that this getaway in the Grand Cayman Islands was a full experience of paradise by making all my worries disappear while I basked in the sun. This is a trip I will never forget!

The sound of the ocean is so peaceful making it not difficult to catch up on reading a book. The serenity of the island is so perfect with the sun shining and the waves of the ocean crashing low. This island had already become my home. I never wanted to leave. If you are truly searching for a place to escape from all the stress in your life the Grand Cayman Islands is the place to go. Let me know in the comments below on what some of your favorite places to go on vacation are.